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It’s never too late to start trying to win stuff and even if you are one of those sceptics that reckon it’s impossible to win anything from these competitions, then you have to realise that it is possible work around those odds and start changing the way you see each and every entry made. The first is to rig the contest in your favour so that you have an uncountable win over everyone. Unfortunately, that takes the sport out of it for anyone else that is entering and it defeats the point of making it a competition. So aside from trying to rig the contest in your favour, which is highly unfavourable for anyone, you can simply change the number of entries you make to increase your odds of winning.

The only way to do that effectively would be to find as many competitions as you can to enter. You can start by searching locally under Au competition 2012 to get the list of local sites that are offering current competitions for this year. It is unfortunate reality to deal with when it comes to competitions online because they are often put up on the net and left to run for the duration of the competition, but then they forget to take them down afterwards and as a result people end up making entries for competitions that are already closed. Not only does that waste your time, but it also makes you despondent about entering future competitions as well. So once you have your list of sites with current entries all you have to do is start looking for the ones that offer the prizes that you really want. You may be asking how that’s possible, but you have to realise that a site that specialises in finding competitions for people is not going to have just a few entries here and there. Once you register you will notice that there is a whole stack of them for you to enter and effectively, you can pick and choose which ones have the best possible prize. You don’t even have to worry about the numbers because you have so many entries to make that it doesn’t even count. You have multiple entries to multiple competitions with the same prizes and you are virtually bound to win something within a short period of time.

With competitions it’s a simple matter of playing the numbers and as long as you can make them work in your favour then you will never go wrong and you can expect to see the winning emails coming through to your inbox.

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Australian Competition Time in 2010

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This article was published on 2012/04/03